Scenario 14: In Which Lur hates doggos

The Boiler District: One of the few places of Gloomhaven that everyone loathes, except for me.  Most of the citizenry of Gloomhaven can't stand the choking black smoke that pervades the boiler district.  For me, it's... comforting, welcoming even.  I advised that Lur wear a face mask because the pervasive haze is low enough that…Read more Scenario 14: In Which Lur hates doggos

Scenario 8: The Warehouse

There are times when I honestly do not know how this city manages to thrive without adventurers.  If a census were to be taken, I'm pretty sure that 75% of the town is made up of so called adventurers, 10% is city guard, and the other 15% are the various merchants and priests.  Despite this…Read more Scenario 8: The Warehouse